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Evolution of Dispensers: A Case Study of Rigor and Iteration

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At Evidence Action, we listen to what the evidence tells us. We constantly look for ways to iterate and improve in an effort to remain cost-effective in creating impact. This not only applies during our incubation process, where we rigorously test interventions for the potential to scale up, but our flagship programs continue to embody these values over time as they have expanded to reach millions of people.

Dispensers for Safe Water operates at scale across Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi, reaching 4 million people today. The program installs chlorine dispensers near community water points, which family members can use to treat water, making it safe to drink for up to 3 days. Providing clean drinking water can prevent childhood diarrhea that kills an estimated 525,000 children under the age of five each year.

The program is in its sixth year and has continued to iterate and adapt. We have made significant improvements to the design of the physical dispenser itself, which are highlighted in the video below. With each generation, dispensers were upgraded to better meet user needs and maintain the low cost-per-person that makes this program a recognized standout in cost-effectiveness.

Watch the video below to learn more about the evolution of our dispensers:


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