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Our generous supporters make all of our work possible

It’s through the contributions of our supporters — which include individuals, foundations, charity evaluators, and corporate partners — that we’re able to reach millions of people around the world with the most effective health solutions.

We are deeply grateful to those that have and continue to contribute to our global impact. Our supporters that gave $100,000 or more since 2018 include:

  1. Astellas Global Health Foundation
  2. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation through Millennium Water Alliance
  3. Double Up Drive
  4. Douglas B. Marshall, Jr. Family Foundation
  5. Dubai Cares
  6. Effective Altruism Australia
  7. Effective Altruism New Zealand
  8. Effective Giving
  9. Effektiv Spenden Schweiz
  10. Epic Foundation
  11. Founders Pledge
  12. Fundación Ayuda Efectiva
  13. GiveWell
  14. Giving What We Can
  15. Hempuli Oy
  16. IMC Pacific Foundation
  17. J-PAL’s Governance Initiative
  18. Jackson Kemper Foundation
  19. Latter-day Saints Charities
  20. Mackenzie Scott
  21. Millennium Water Alliance
  22. Open Philanthropy Project Fund
  23. Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
  24. Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  25. Steadview Capital Management
  26. Stichting Dioraphte
  27. Stone Family Foundation
  28. Team Shakti NZ Limited
  29. The Clorox Company
  30. The End Fund
  31. The Generation Foundation
  32. The Life You Can Save
  33. The Waterloo Foundation
  34. Three Graces Foundation
  35. UES Gemeinnützige GmbH für Effektives Spenden
  36. Weiss Asset Management Foundation
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Ready to make an impact on the world?

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