1. Mission
  2. Our People

The people behind Evidence Action’s world-changing work

Our organization is led by passionate, innovative, and forward-thinking team members committed to lessening inequality and improving lives. We take action, converting impatience into impact.


Global Leadership

  1. Kanika web

    Kanika Bahl

    Chief Executive Officer & President
  2. Paul web

    Paul Byatta

    Executive Vice President, Africa Region
  3. Jenny High Res

    Jenny Choi-Fitzpatrick

    Chief Operating Officer
  4. John web

    John de Wet

    Chief Financial Officer
  5. Jeff web

    Jeff Grosz

    Executive Vice President, Accelerator & Programs
  6. Grace web

    Grace Hollister

    Chief Engagement Officer
  7. Anne web

    Anne Iden

    Chief People Officer
  8. Brett web

    Brett Sedgewick

    Executive Vice President, Programs
  9. Anil web

    Anil Tambay

    Country Director, EAII Advisors (technical partner in India)

Global Programs

  1. Anam Abdulla

    Associate Director, Deworm the World Initiative
  2. Ayo Abogan

    Associate Director, Expansion Team Lead, Safe Water
  3. Moses Baraza

    Associate Director, Safe Water
  4. Rebekah Chang

    Associate Director, Nutrition, Accelerator
  5. Amita Chebbi

    Global Senior Director, Safe Water Now
  6. Anna Konstantinova

    Associate Director, Maternal Syphilis
  7. Bimlesh Kumar

    Bimlesh Kumar
  8. Kate McCracken

    Director, Deworm the World Initiative
  9. Dr. Mark Minnery

    Associate Director and Lead Epidemiologist
  10. Michael Simpson

    Associate Director, Operations, Safe Water Expansion
  11. Charles Wando

    Associate Director, Operations, Africa Region

Africa Regional and Country Leadership

  1. Benson Botha

    Country Director, Malawi
  2. Ima Chima

    Director, West & Central Africa
  3. Emilie Efronson

    Country Director, Liberia
  4. Rajab Hamisi

    Head of Regional Planning & Coordination
  5. Evans Ithiria

    Director, Finance & Administration
  6. Richard Kibuuka

    Country Director, Uganda
  7. Marinette Ngo Nemb

    Country Director, Cameroon
  8. Namakau Nyambe

    Country Director, Zambia
  9. Temitope Ogunbi

    Country Director, Nigeria
  10. Karen Olege

    Associate Director, People & Culture
  11. Chrispin Owaga

    Country Director, Kenya
  12. Maarten van de Reep

    Director, East & Southern Africa

Cross-Cutting and Technical Functions

  1. Natalie Duarte

    Director, Monitoring, Learning, & Evaluation Strategy
  2. Illah Evance

    Associate Director, Monitoring, Learning, & Evaluation
  3. Kevin Kelsey

    Associate Director, New Program Development & Cost-Effectiveness, Accelerator

Global Departments

  1. Kali Bell

    Associate Director, Talent Strategy
  2. Carlita Bevege

    Associate Director, External Relations
  3. Christopher Dunn

    General Counsel
  4. Sherzod Gulamov

    Associate Director, Strategic Financial Planning & Budgeting
  5. Adrienne Lee

    Associate Director, Communications
  6. Evans Nyambane

    Associate Director, Internal Audit
  7. Joann Phelan

    Associate Director, Global Operations
  8. Allen Rozario

    Director, Global Information & Technology
  9. Alexis Tobolski

    Director, Global Finance & Accounting
  10. Joanna Wald

    Director, Global Grants & Contracts
  11. Zach Watson

    Chief of Staff

EAII Advisors, our independent technical partner in India

  1. Abhinav Anand

    Associate Director PMU
  2. Sanjeev Chauhan

    Director, Finance & Operations
  3. Sucharita Dutta

    Director, Programs
  4. Jyoti Puri

    Director, Human Resources
  5. Anurag Taneja

    Associate Director, Programs

Board of Directors

  1. Shikhar Ghosh

    Chair of the Board, Evidence Action; Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
    Shikhar Ghosh is currently a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School. Ghosh...
  2. Amrita Ahuja

    Douglas B. Marshall, Jr. Family Foundation
    Amrita Ahuja is a founder of Evidence Action. An accidental social-entrepreneur, she led the the...
  3. Kanika Bahl

    Chief Executive Officer & President
    Kanika is CEO and President of Evidence Action where she has been on the Board since 2015. She is...
  4. Dina Pomeranz

    Assistant Professor, University of Zurich
    Dina Pomeranz is an expert on impact evaluations and studies public policies in developing...
  5. Christina Riechers

    General Manager, Square Banking
    Christina Riechers is the General Manager of Square Banking, which provides cash flow tools and...
  6. Dr. Owens Wiwa

    Executive Vice President, Clinton Health Access Initiative
    Dr. Owens Wiwa is an Executive Vice President, Regional Director of West and Central Africa, and...
  7. Elizabeth Young McNally

    Co-CEO, Schmidt Futures
    Elizabeth Young McNally serves as Co-CEO of Schmidt Futures. She is responsible for bringing...

Board of Advisors

  1. Stefano Bertozzi

    Stefano Bertozzi is Professor and Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of...
  2. Stephen Luby

    Stephen Luby is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic...
  3. Hari Menon

    Hari Menon is Country Director for India at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he works...
  4. C.K. Mishra

    C.K. Mishra is a highly distinguished career civil servant of the Indian Administrative Service...
  5. Mushfiq Mobarak

    Mushfiq Mobarak is Associate Professor at Yale University with interests in environment and...
  6. Susan Nazzaro

    Susan Nazzaro is an access to medicines expert with experience across the not-for-profit and...
  7. Erik Nielsen

    Erik Nielsen brings over twenty years of academic and professional experience at the nexus of...
  8. Henk Van Stokkom

    Henk van Stokkom is a long-time entrepreneur and philanthropic advisor. He currently guides...