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Our work in Uganda

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We’re delivering lifesaving access to safe water in Uganda.

We currently operate more than 17,000 chlorine dispensers as of July 2023, following a rapid expansion with over 12,000 new dispensers added across 11 districts in just one year. We’re now reaching more than 4.7 million people and counting with access to safe water — more than 10% of Uganda’s population!

We’re also launching in-line chlorination in areas of the country where communal piped water schemes are more common – including peri-urban areas, and, increasingly, rural areas. This next-generation safe water solution builds on our chlorine dispenser expertise and infrastructure, ensuring availability of multiple, complementary solutions that can be deployed to meet the needs of even more communities.

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We reach millions of people in Uganda with lifesaving access to safe water.

people have access to safe water
chlorine dispensers are operated and maintained
lives of children under five saved since 2013
DALYs averted since 2013
cases of diarrhea averted since 2013

Our work in Uganda ensures communities have enduring safe water access, improving the lives of children and families.

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Our Partners

We work in collaboration with Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Health, Uganda Water and Sanitation Network, and local governments from all 21 operational districts.