Join us to scale evidence-based, cost-effective impact that measurably reduces the burden of poverty for hundreds of millions of people

Evidence Action scales evidence-based and cost-effective programs to reduce the burden of poverty for hundreds of millions of people. Our approach fills the gap between research about what works and solutions for people in need. We operate in nine countries across the globe and positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people every year in a measurable way. 

Evidence Action has been recognized by several charity evaluators

Evidence Action has earned the highest rating, four stars, on Charity Navigator across multiple categories: Impact and Results, Accountability and Finance, Leadership and Adaptability, and Culture and Community.
The Life You Can Save, founded by leading moral philosopher Peter Singer, features Evidence Action on its list of 25 best charities in the world.
Guidestar has recognized Evidence Action with a 2023 Platinum Seal of Transparency.
GiveWell has supported our Deworm the World Initiative since 2013 in recognition of the program's cost-effective impact.

Giving Multiplier, a program by researchers at Harvard University, recommends Evidence Action as a super-effective charity.
Our Dispensers for Safe Water program was selected for Expo 2020’s Global Best Practice Programme.

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Dispensers for Safe Water

An estimated 525,000 children under five die from diarrhea each year, often due to unsafe water. Our chlorine dispensers are installed directly next to untreated water sources, allowing residents to add a precise dose of diluted chlorine to their jerrican before filling it with water. At a cost of less than $1.50 per person per year, Dispensers for Safe Water is an innovative and cost-effective approach to the challenge of unsafe water in poor, rural areas.


Deworm the World Initiative

More than 835 million preschool- and school-age children are at risk of parasitic worm infection. The Deworm the World Initiative partners with governments to develop and implement national, school-based deworming programs. We have supported delivery of over 1.8 billion deworming treatments since 2014 at an average cost of less than USD $0.50 per treatment, with measurable improvements in health, economic, and educational outcomes.


Evidence Action Accelerator

Our engine for new program development – the Accelerator – selects, optimizes, and scales interventions that can measurably improve the lives of millions of people in the world’s poorest places. Through a rigorous process, interventions are evaluated so that only those with the greatest potential for cost-effective impact are scaled up. Interventions like syphilis screening and treatment for pregnant women, iron and acid supplementation, and in-line chlorination are being implemented and tested through our Accelerator process.