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This Sunday, April 7, is World Health Day, and the 2024 theme is “my health, my right”.

Everyone, no matter where they live, has the right to access effective health care and lifesaving safe water. But far too many children and families are affected by harmful or deadly illnesses that are entirely preventable and treatable – often by simple, low-cost solutions.

Combating these health inequities is what we’re working toward at Evidence Action every day of the year. With the help of our generous supporters, we’re bringing the world’s most effective and low-cost health interventions to those who need them most.

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Don’t gamble away NTD gains

Global funding gaps are putting progress toward eliminating neglected tropical diseases at risk. We need to finish the job — now is the time to invest big, or risk losing it all.

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ICYMI: Nairobi Water and Evidence Action Partner to Combat Waterborne Diseases

We recently installed our first in-line chlorination devices in Nairobi, Kenya! Part of our Safe Water Now program, this partnership with Nairobi Water aims to reduce severe waterborne diseases like cholera for at-risk populations.

See the photos here

We have the tools to beat congenital syphilis – it's time to use them

You may have seen the news — syphilis is on the rise globally. Together, we can do better for mothers and babies everywhere.

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April 7th.

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That’s how many newborn lives we estimate that we’ve saved in Liberia over the past two years through Syphilis-Free Start. We estimate we’ve prevented 1,500 adverse birth outcomes by training all health facilities in the country on using a dual HIV/syphilis test for pregnant women and providing syphilis treatment. We’re just getting started – as we strengthen the program in Liberia, we’re expanding into Zambia, Cameroon, and potentially beyond.