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Evidence Action Marks 10-Year Milestone with More Than Half a Billion People Reached


This year, Evidence Action proudly marks its 10-year anniversary. For ten years, we sought out the most effective poverty interventions in the world. We took early-stage programs with demonstrated potential — from deworming treatments to chlorine dispensers — and successfully brought them to more than 515 million people. This incredible figure signifies the breadth of reach we can create when proven solutions are delivered effectively, yet even more important is the depth of impact that these programs have on the lives, and livelihoods, of the individuals we serve. 

We drove life-changing outcomes across the past decade: we reduced preventable illness and mortality for highly vulnerable children under five, with nearly 16,000 lives saved and more than 3 million averted cases of diarrhea. Our programs prevented the combined loss of more than 600,000 healthy life years due to illness or early death (DALYs). Over 10 years, our efforts across 11 countries have reduced parasitic worm infections by 73-97%, resulted in $23 billion in lifetime productivity gains from deworming, and generated more than 3 million carbon credits for reinvestment into our safe water programming.

We're grateful to our many partners who have joined us on this journey. The need has never been greater for proven solutions to global health and development challenges. We invite you to explore our new 10-year anniversary page, which dives deeper into the latest data, stories, and reflections from our first decade. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing lots of exciting new content, reflections, and announcements as we celebrate this milestone. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media so you don't miss any updates! 

We're incredibly proud of our progress but know our work is far from over. The last decade will serve as a springboard for greater impact over the next one - we’ll expand current solutions and catalyze new ones through our expertise and existing platforms. We’ll focus on the most impact for the money. And we’ll bring robust evidence and urgent action to everything we do. Together, we can grow our impact for those around the world who can’t be left behind. Join us!

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