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John B. Gianola, a long-standing member of Evidence Action’s board of directors, passed away earlier this year. We are so grateful for his expertise, guidance, and unwavering support of our mission, and want to honor his service to the organization.

Prior to his six-year tenure on our board, John had retired from his 38 year career at the leading global accounting firm Ernst & Young – 27 of which were as an audit partner. His depth and range of experience in accounting and auditing, across a variety of industries, entities, and countries, was incredibly helpful in strengthening Evidence Action’s finance and accounting systems and processes. His experience leading continuing education courses for Ernst & Young executives, as a guest lecturer in college classrooms, and serving as an adjunct professor of accounting at West Virginia University, made him an ideal teacher and guide.

John served as a mentor to our team, providing perspective and a gentle but steady hand, and helping us navigate the challenges of a young and growing multinational organization – all with a wonderful and warm sense of humor. He was a voice of reason, generous with his expertise and time, and always kind and thoughtful as a board colleague.

His commitment and expertise made a huge difference in strengthening our organization, and, therefore, in the lives of millions of children and families around the world. We will build on the foundation of control, transparency, accuracy, and competence that John helped establish. We will miss his wisdom, competence, and kindness. And we will be forever grateful for his service.