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February 2023

De-worming campaign kicks off to control malnutrition, anaemia: Pakistan Observer coverage of Sindh Health Department’s deworming campaign in partnership with Evidence Action to protect 4.7 million children from anemia, malnutrition and other diseases due to intestinal parasitic worms.

January 2023

A conversation with GiveWell’s Elie Hassenfeld: In an interview with Matthew Yglesias of Slow Boring, GiveWell’s co-founder and CEO discusses the past and future of effective giving. He uses Evidence Action’s high-impact maternal syphilis screening and treatment program as an example of a promising intervention supported by GiveWell’s All Grants Fund. 

Water authorities install Chlorine dispensers: Capital Radio Malawi covers the installation of Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water in partnership with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, mentioning the efficacy of chlorination in fighting waterborne diseases such as cholera.



Developing the science of science: Works in Progress published a piece by Paul Niehaus and Heidi Williams on how science funders should support research allowing them to measure and improve their own effectiveness, using Evidence Action as an example of an organization specialized in taking effective interventions to greater scale.


Want to donate to charity? Here are 10 guidelines for giving effectively. Vox’s article on how to do more good with the money you give notes our closing of a Bangladesh program is an example of “an unusually scrupulous move for a charity.”

Lagos targets 1.3 million school children for mass deworming in 10 councils: The Guardian (Nigeria) reports on the start of a school-based deworming exercise, part of our partnership with the Ministry of Health, to ensure that the diseases disrupting the educational growth of children are treated.


Kanika Bahl is finding the unicorns of international developmentVox features our CEO, Kanika Bahl, on their inaugural Future Perfect 50 list for her role in “building a more perfect future.”

Why Busoga’s safe water sources are unsafe: In New Vision’s story on the risk of unsafe water in the Bugosa region of Uganda, Evidence Action’s country director Richard Kibuuka highlights how our dispensers program is bringing clean drinking water to residents. 

Young Global Leaders: The alumni gathering 2022: The World Economic Forum discusses the achievements of Young Global Leaders over the past 20 years, highlighting their support in launching Deworm the World in 2007.


More Ugandans will now have free access to safe water: Uganda’s The Independent features the recent launch of our Dispensers for Safe Water program expansion in the country by the Minister of Water and Environment, the Honorable Sam Cheptoris.


William MacAskill on Effective Altruism, Moral Progress, and Cultural Innovation: In this episode of the Conversations with Tyler podcast, William MacAskill lists Deworm the World amongst high-impact nonprofits as he discusses the effective altruism movement and effective ways to donate.

JUNE 2022

National School-Based Deworming Programme Marks 10 yearsThis Kenya News article highlights the 10th anniversary of Kenya’s National School-Based Deworming Programme – supported by our Deworm the World Initiative – including remarks from Kenya’s health and education ministries on the program’s important impacts on children.

Why Open Philanthropy’s backing this evidence-based solution to safe water [paywall]: Inside Philanthropy features our Dispenser for Safe Water program while exploring the reasoning behind Open Philanthropy’s recent investment in safe water. 

APRIL 2022

Meet Nobel winner feted for helping our children: The Kenya Star features Professor Michael Kremer’s trip to the country and cites the Dispensers for Safe Water program for its contributions to reducing child mortality.


Charitable giving isn’t optional. Do it well. This blog names Evidence Action to highlight the high impact of donations made to evidence-based charities.


Giving Project: Announcing 2021 Winners: The Butler Law Firm selected our Deworm the World Initiative as a recipient of their 2021 Giving Project.


It’s giving season — how do you ensure your charitable donations will be used effectively? This editorial in the Toronto Star mentions our Deworm the World Initiative as an example of an effective charity to support during Giving Season.


Northbrook-based Astellas Global Health Foundation provides $1.85M to help improve access to health and COVID-19 recovery in low-income communities: This article by the Daily Herald highlights the grant awarded by the Astellas Global Health Foundation to Dispensers for Safe Water to reach 250,000 people in rural Uganda.

How a simple solution slashed child mortality in rural Kenyan villages This Vox article covers a new working paper by Johannes Haushofer, Michael Kremer, Ricardo Maertens, and Brandon Joel Tan which found that treating water with chlorine in rural Kenya reduced all-cause under-five mortality by 63% over a four-year period. This independent research included communities served by our Dispensers for Safe Water program as one of two treatment groups. For our take on this research, you can read this blog.


2019 Nobel laureate Michael Kremer emphasizes WASH and deworming benefitsIn a visit to WHO headquarters in Geneva, Michael Kremer presented on the correlation between water quality, access to water and child survival in developing countries as well as the long-term economic benefits of deworming children regularly.


Deworming exercise improves school attendanceKenya News Agency reports the kickoff of the nationwide deworming exercise in Kenya and highlights the role of Evidence Action in helping increase the number of children dewormed since 2009.

LASG begins mass deworming of school-age children, targets 1.3m in 10 Endemic LGAs: TVC News coverage of the latest deworming round in Lagos state includes an interview with Evidence Action’s Nigeria Country Director Dr. Ima Chima, describing our technical assistance role in support of the latest successful mass administration of deworming medicines.

Deworming exercise improves school attendance The Kenya News Agency describes positive outcomes of the recent deworming rounds taking place across the country, and mentions Evidence Action as a source of data for the number of children treated.

National school-based deworming program kicks off in Mombasa County KBC notes the kickoff of new deworming rounds in Kenya, with at least 4 million children across 14 counties set to benefit from the program jointly implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health with technical assistance from Evidence Action.

How investing in our people helped us adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic Charity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator and leading donor advocate in the US, invited us to share this post, which describes the measures we took as an organization to continue operations in the midst of disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Child Nutrition provides an overview of the importance of deworming for children as well as the function of the deworming program in Pakistan, naming Evidence Action as a partner in the technical assistance to program delivery across the country.


Collaborating with Kenyan government on development innovations is key to fighting poverty, says Nobel laureate The work of Nobel laureate Michael Kremer and his ongoing advocacy for strengthening partnerships with government for programs like Deworm the World and Dispensers for Safe Water, is featured in UChicago News.

School-based Deworming Program To Start In Islamabad From Monday announces the deworming campaign taking place across Pakistan, to reach a targeted 574,000 school-age children. The article recognizes Evidence Action as a technical assistance partner for delivering the deworming program in collaboration with government and other partners.

Parasite Lost: How deworming gives children bright future The Nation in Kenya highlights the impact of the research and advocacy work done by Nobel laureate Michael Kremer and recounts the enormous educational and social benefits that deworming has had in Kenya since our Deworm the World Initiative began helping the government in 2009.

Neglected Tropical Diseases: Poor Funding, Low Awareness Hampering Elimination, Experts Warn This coverage published by Legit.Ng highlighted remarks made by Nse Akpan, national coordinator of NTDs Elimination Programme in Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health, citing Evidence Action as a partner in the strengthening of health systems to support the elimination of NTDs in the country.

JULY 2021

Prevalence and Correlation Analysis of Soil-Transmitted Helminths Infections and Treatment Coverage for Preschool and School Aged Children in Kenya Members of our team Mark Minnery and Chrispin Owaga are among the co-authors of this article on the efficacy of the school-based deworming program in Kenya, with a view toward accelerating the achievement of the program’s goal—to eliminate STH as a public health problem among children.

Giving What We Can: Effective Altruism  In this article from Borgen Magazine, our senior manager of external relations Carlita Bevege explains why Giving What We Can recommends Evidence Action in their list of effective charities.

Reflecting On Our June 2021 Virtual Crowdfunding Event  This post recaps an online fundraising event hosted by The Life You Can Save and The Funding Network Australia, which featured our Dispensers for Safe Water program with a demo by Moses Baraza, Associate Director of Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water initiative in Kenya.

JUNE 2021

A nonprofit CFO’s guide to navigating a downturn  This article from CFO Dive features insights from our CFO John de Wet, who shared how Evidence Action strategized to maintain its commitment to program delivery and cost-effective impact in the face of the pandemic.

How foreign aid for medicine yields big economic returns  In this op-ed for the LA Times, Edward Miguel makes the case for investing in prevention of neglected tropical diseases, including deworming treatments, for high-yield returns in both health and economic outcomes.

MAY 2021

Five Completely Unselfish Reasons To Ask For More Money At Work  This Forbes article argues that a good reason to negotiate a better salary is to donate to highly cost-effective charities like Evidence Action.

Lagos To De-worm 1.3m Children In 10 LGAs  This Leadership (Nigeria) article covers the support we gave to the Nigerian government to deworm an estimated 1.3 million school-age children in Lagos State, the largest metropolitan area of Nigeria.

The Disastrous Neglect of Neglected Tropical Diseases  In this op-ed for Project Syndicate, Michael Kremer and Edward Miguel explain the enormous negative social and economic consequences that will occur from the recently announced cuts to NTD funding by the UK government.

MARCH 2021

Orientation Session Arranged For Media About Deworming Campaign In ICT Schools. UrduPoint News reports on the significant need for school-based deworming in Pakistan, and mentions the technical support we are providing the government for the current ICT deworming campaign.


The Case for Evidence-Based Innovation and Implications for USAID (and Beyond)The CGD explores the increasing demand for innovative ways to address development challenges, and mentions our dispensers as an example of an innovation that reaches millions and measures its impact with high-quality data.

Deworming at school. The News International stresses the importance of deworming, and highlights how our Deworm the World Initiative is assisting the Government of Pakistan in tackling the issue of parasitic worms within the country. 


Activist Annie Duflo Uses Data and Incentives to Fight Global Poverty. The Wall Street Journal explores the work of IPA’s executive director Annie Duflo. Our Dispensers for Safe Water program is used as an example of IPA’s research in action, and how data can be used to successfully combat global poverty.

December 2020

Making Sense Podcast: Doing Good. Sam Harris discusses effective altruism with William MacAskill, an Associate Professor in Philosophy and Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. Our Dispensers for Safe Water is mentioned as a highly effective charity. 

You can improve (or even save) lives without being rich. Here are 3 things to know about effective giving. Business Insider reports on ways to give effectively, highlighting GiveWell’s recommended charities and deworming interventions as especially impactful examples.


These are the charities where your money will do the most good. Vox’s Future Perfect explores which charities do the most good per dollar. Evidence Action is highlighted multiple times throughout. 

Evidence Action: Deworming the World. interviews Evidence Action’s Chief Engagement Officer, Grace Hollister, regarding the incredible work of our Deworm the World Initiative. 


Which charities do the most good? Charity Navigator joins the effort to answer this crucial question. Vox reports on Charity Navigator’s new ability to asses impact, as a result of acquiring Impact Matters. Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water is used as an example of a charity that has been rated highly for impact.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we give to charityFast Company reports on how the pandemic has driven more people to donate based on impact. Our Deworm the World initiative is referenced as one of GiveWell’s eight top charities, and is used as an example of an impactful program. 


A new study finds that giving kids deworming treatment still benefits them 20 years later. Vox reports on a new landmark longitudinal study demonstrating the long term benefits of deworming children. Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative is mentioned as an example of effective deworming at scale.

JUNE 2020

Celebrating a milestone: 1,000 randomized evaluations by J-PAL affiliates. J-PAL celebrates its affiliates collectively conducting over 1,000 randomized evaluations, and mentions Evidence Action as an example of how the results of these evaluations can lead to impact at scale. 

How Our Recommended Charities are Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Life You can Save explores how its recommended charities are addressing COVID-19 and highlights Dispensers for Safe Water’s incredible response in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Developing countries can respond to COVID-19 in ways that are swift, at scale, and successful. Brookings highlights how COVID-19 responses can successfully be carried out at scale and mentions Evidence Action as an example of  how responses can be tailored to specific sectoral circumstances. 

MAY 2020

The Global Impact of Deworming Initiatives. Borgen Magazine explores parasitic worm infections and the global impact of deworming, highlighting Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative as an example of a high impact and cost effective approach to deworming.

APRIL 2020

NGO Rolls Out Hygiene Project To 1.3M Ugandans In Bid To Curb COVID-19 Spread. Soft Power News explores Evidence Action’s response to COVID-19 in Uganda, which aims to provide 1.3 million Ugandans with access to safe water, soap and disinfectant. 

Evidence Action kicks-off COVID-19 prevention hygiene project. The Independent reports on Evidence Action’s COVID-19 Prevention Hygiene Project, which is designed to support rural Sub-Saharan communities in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

NGO launches Covid-19 hygiene project for Africa. The Star explores how Evidence Action is mobilizing its supply chain and preexisting networks to support at risk rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa with Covid-19 prevention efforts.

Working Towards An Anemia-Mukt Bharat. Outlook Poshan explores how Evidence Action has been assisting the government of India in tackling the prevalent issue of anemia within the country, through the use of deworming treatments and IFA supplementation. 

MARCH 2020

 5 Organizations Providing Medical Supplies And Improving Health Care Worldwide. Ezvid Wiki chose to feature Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water Program in a video highlighting organizations that improve healthcare world wide. 

Water and climate joined at the hip. An Opinion piece in the Daily Nation explores how Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water, simultaneously combats climate change and generates carbon credits – which are used to help sustain the program.  

How School-Based Deworming Programme Improves Child’s Mental Health. The Nigerian Tribune explores how a school-based deworming program in Oyo State, Nigeria, for which Evidence Action provides technical assistance, improves child productivity and welfare.


UAE’s Dubai Cares Launches $3 Million Deworming Project For Pakistani Children. UrduPoint News reports on the launch of a school based deworming project by Dubai Cares, which will be implemented by the Government of Pakistan in partnership with Evidence Action. 


C’River Government won’t relent in providing sustainable health care system. Vanguard Nigeria covers the Government of Cross River State’s response to World NTD day, which included an acknowledgement of the support provided by Evidence Action.  

Dubai Cares joins Pakistani Government’s efforts to combat intestinal worms among children. The Emirates News Agency reports on a partnership between Dubai Cares and Evidence Action, that supports the Government of Pakistan in combating intestinal worms.  

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January 2019

  • Why This Charity Isn’t Afraid To Say It Failed. NPR Goats and Soda. This story on our evidence-first commitment with No Lean Season features interviews with Senior Director, Innovation Karen Levy, Yale Research Partner Mushfiq Mobarak, and GiveWell’s Catherine Hollander.

December 2018

November 2018

October 2018

  • These are the charities where your money will do the most good. Vox Future Perfect. Dylan Matthews highlights Evidence Action’s No Lean Season and Deworm the World Initiative in this guide to giving effectively.

  • Lean Impact. Ann Mei Chang cites Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative and No Lean Season as examples in her discussion of “how to innovate for radically greater social good.”

August 2018

JULY 2018

  • How Can Philanthropy Do More Good? Yale Insights. No Lean Season is highlighted as an evidence-based approach to mitigating seasonal poverty in this interview with Aaron Dorfman, president and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

  • Kanika Bahl pulls back the curtain on innovation in development, Displaced podcast. In this interview with Ravi Gurumurthy and Grant Gordon of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) at Devex World 2018, CEO Kanika Bahl discusses how we’re rethinking impact, scale, and innovation in development.

June 2018

May 2018

  • Together, we can transform our nation, Daily Nation (Kenya). Deputy President William Ruto hailed G-United (our Winning Start program partnership with the Government of Kenya) as example of “service [and] spirit need[ed]” to achieve their Big Four agenda.

  • Q&A with Karen Levy, Apolitical. Part of Apolitical‘s series on scaling social impact, this Q & A with Karen Levy, Beta Director, covers Deworm the World Initiative and No Lean Season.

  • Turning Evidence into Action: It’s a process. Foundation Beyond Belief. In this guest-article, our Chief Engagement Officer Grace Hollister discusses our process of scaling up evidence-based, cost-effective programs to impact millions.

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  • Empathy for Edwin: From Data to Stories, Christina Riechers. A look into Dispensers for Safe Water from a story-telling perspective, and the need to engage both hearts and minds in the giving process.

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September 2015


  • Striving for Scale
    August 25, 2015, Centre for Public Impact
    Interview with former Executive Director Alix Zwane about evidence and scale.

  • Worm Wars: The Anthology
    August 4, 2015, World Bank Blog – Development Impact
    Summary of the debate about the benefits of mass deworming.

July 2015

June 2015

  • The Greatest Good
    June 30, 2015, The Atlantic Monthly
    Evidence Action/Deworm the World is featured as a high-impact charity to donate to.

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