Scaling Up What Works

Evidence Action scales proven solutions that improve the lives of millions. We implement cost-effective interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence.

Evidence Action identifies innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms and builds best practice operational models. We voraciously self-evaluate, learn, and improve our models for scaling with a commitment to transparency on progress, impact, and value for money.

Our current programs are:

  • Dispensers for Safe Water is an entrepreneurial program for more than 4.7 million people in rural Eastern and Southern Africa. It is a proven innovation that dramatically expands access to water treatment at an extremely low cost.
  • Deworm the World Initiative scales up school-based deworming programs worldwide to improve children’s health, education, and long-term development. It currently supports deworming of more than 200 million children annually.
  • Evidence Action Beta explores what programs with proven impact might work next for millions of people. Similar to beta testing for software, we are pressure-testing promising interventions to determine their suitability for massive scale-up.

Dispensers for Safe Water

Dispensers for Safe Water

Dispensers for Safe Water are a proven, innovative, and low-cost approach to increase rates of household chlorination.  

  • Chlorine disinfects drinking water against most bacteria including those causing cholera while protecting water from recontamination. 
  • Chlorinating water also means that people do not need to boil their water to disinfect it, saving time and natural resources.
  • Currently serving 4 million people. 
  • Active in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda.
  • Includes a sustained water service: Dispenser hardware, community education, and a regular supply of chlorine.
  • Ongoing maintenance is provided by an elected community ‘promoter’ who encourages use of the dispenser, reports any problems, and refills the dispenser with chlorine.
  • Usage and functionality of all dispensers is closely monitored by Evidence Action field workers who deliver chlorine on motor bikes, and track issues with mobile phones. 

The Deworm the World Initiative

The Deworm the World Initiative works with governments around the world to develop and implement national school-based deworming programs. 

School-based mass deworming programs leverage existing infrastructure, and result in treatment coverage of over 80% of at-risk children at a cost of less than USD 50 cents per child per year. 

The Deworm the World Initiative

Evidence Action Beta is our in-house incubator of promising, evidence-based innovations, turning big ideas into real solutions for millions of people living in poverty. Beta exists to design, prototype, test and deliver measurably impactful, cost-effective programs that are ready for scaled implementation by Evidence Action and our partners.

Beta ensures that new programs maximize benefit while reducing any unintended consequences before they are deployed to millions of people.