Evidence Action’s Accelerator drives new program development, selecting high-potential interventions with massive opportunity for evidence-based, cost-effective impact. The Accelerator tests and refines delivery models with the goal of rapidly scaling interventions with levels of impact similar to our existing flagships.

Our Approach

Evidence Action exists to ensure that evidence-based, cost-effective interventions reach their scale potential – improving millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of lives. The Accelerator selects and rapidly develops programs that we anticipate will have outsized impact. To build the next generation of programs, our Accelerator focuses on two critical dimensions:

  1. ‘Ready to scale’ programs, where there is already a strong evidence base for the underlying intervention and where the remaining questions to resolve relate primarily to delivery at scale. In doing so, we are able to make the best possible use of our distinctive competencies and track record in at-scale delivery, thereby ensuring that our scarce resources and attention are dedicated to solutions with the highest likelihood of delivering measurable impact at scale.
  2. Health and adjacent sectors of WASH and nutrition, where there is a concentration of opportunities with a strong evidence base, a credible pathway to scale and high cost-effectiveness. This focus is responsive to government partner interest, leverages our groundbreaking track record of delivering such programs, and recognizes an ongoing gap in achieving delivery at scale.

Both of these focus areas are non-exclusive – the Accelerator will continue to identify and adopt a small number of earlier-stage programs that may require small scale pilots, field trials, or further replication before they are ready to be tested at scale. True to our cross-sector founding purpose, the Accelerator also remains open to opportunities in other sectors with outsized evidence base, cost-effectiveness, and scale potential.


Current Projects

Leveraging our existing government partnership in India to tackle anemia

For several years, we’ve partnered with the Government of India to deliver mass school-based deworming as part of our Deworm the World Initiative. The ongoing success of this partnership has allowed us to explore opportunities to extend our impact in India. Ultimately, we settled on one promising area for further exploration through our Beta incubator: India’s national Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS) program, which is designed to address the pressing challenge of anemia among school-age children.

Project Archive

Our Project Archive provides information about projects we have exited or terminated, including why we chose not to further pursue those interventions.

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