Evidence Action scales proven solutions that improve the lives of millions. We implement cost-effective interventions whose efficacy is backed by substantial rigorous evidence.

Evidence Action identifies innovative, appropriate financing mechanisms and builds best practice operational models. We voraciously self-evaluate, learn, and improve our models for scaling with a commitment to transparency on progress, impact, and value for money.

Our current programs are:

  • Dispensers for Safe Water is an entrepreneurial program for more than 4.7 million people in rural Eastern and Southern Africa. It is a proven innovation that dramatically expands access to water treatment at an extremely low cost.
  • Deworm the World Initiative scales up school-based deworming programs worldwide to improve children’s health, education, and long-term development. It currently supports deworming of more than 200 million children annually.
  • Evidence Action Beta explores what programs with proven impact might work next for millions of people. Similar to beta testing for software, we are pressure-testing promising interventions to determine their suitability for massive scale-up.