Evidence Action Beta turns big ideas into real solutions for millions of people living in poverty.

We identify and pressure-test evidence-based innovations that reduce the burden of poverty, and then design and build the most cost-effective programs for massive scale.

How do we do that? 

The Beta team looks for promising interventions that have already been subjected to rigorous scientific trials. We focus on interventions that are pro-poor, have measurable impact, and have the potential to be cost-effectively scaled up to reach millions, or tens of millions, of people.

These interventions move through a process of increasingly rigorous filters in order to isolate the most promising ones. We then run additional tests to determine if a particular intervention, when implemented at scale in real-world conditions, is likely to deliver the same impact as it did during the initial proof-of-concept research.

We look to see whether the program may have any unintended consequences, either positive or negative. We also test different approaches to how a program might be delivered to our customers in order to find the most effective way to achieve rapid and efficient growth. Finally, we build a realistic business plan and a robust coalition of stakeholders to support the program’s success over time.

Why does Beta exist?

Evidence Action reduces the burden of poverty for millions of people. We focus on:

  • Proven social impact from rigorous, scientific research;

  • Cost-effective solutions that offer value-for-money; and

  • Ability to reach millions of people.

We currently have two flagship programs that meet these criteria: the Deworm the World Initiative and Dispensers for Safe Water.

But Evidence Action has always had a much bigger vision beyond these two programs. This is where Evidence Action Beta comes in. The Beta team’s mission is to design and build new programs that will meet Evidence Action’s rigorous criteria, and see them through from incubation to exponential growth.