Our Vision

Reducing poverty and spurring growth in developing countries requires strategic, high-value investment of scarce resources, whether they come from donors, governments, or communities.

Evidence Action develops and de-risks business models for such programs that allow tens of millions of people to be served, and return on investment to be measured.

We bridge the gap between rigorous research and pilot programs on the one hand, and institutionalized programs on the other. By focusing on promising approaches backed by rigorous evidence, we support programs that are measurably effective; by seeking to solve the challenge of scale, we provide cost-effective impact for many. 

Our History

Evidence Action launched formally in 2013 to scale programs with sustainable business models that have been proven to be effective  so that they benefit millions of people.

Evidence Action leads and manages two programs incubated by Innovations for Poverty ActionDispensers for Safe Water and the Deworm the World Initiative. We also run Evidence Action Beta where we are currently testing a number of other rigorously-evaluated interventions for scale-up.