Winning Start is a big idea with a lot of promise. Teaching at the right level is a well-tried, rigorously-tested, instructional approach – and it is one of few interventions in education that has demonstrated measurable impact on learning outcomes in the developing world. Evidence Action is assessing the feasibility and scalability of a youth volunteer led model of implementing TaRL remedial sessions. We want to know that Winning Start is practical, has a consistently positive impact, and remains cost-effective at scale. Thank you for considering partnering with us to explore whether and how this project can serve millions of children around the world and set them up for success. Here are three ways you can support Winning Start:


Rigorously testing ideas is a lot of work that requires a range of resources. We believe it is worth it to find what works…and what doesn’t. Consider donating to Winning Start in the following ways:

  1. An individual, financial donation to Evidence Action Beta. Your donation will go towards supporting the development of the program and our testing for impact.

  2. If you’re a Kenyan National and University graduate between 22-30 years of age, you can donate your time by applying to volunteer in G-United’s 2018 cohort.

  3. If you’re in Kenya’s private sector and interested in partnering with us to improve education and invest in Kenya’s next generation of leaders, please get in touch. There is lots of room to collaborate.

  4. If you’re in the media, you can donate editorial space in your online/offline publication to feature Winning Start or discuss Teaching at the Right Level. Our team is happy to answer questions, supply information or connect you with our team and/or other resources.

  5. If you’re a Government official interested in discussing how Winning Start can support your country’s education and development goals, please contact us. We would be glad to have a conversation.

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We’re proud to be part of a community of organizations working to advance TaRL in Africa and around the world, and to be contributing specifically to building a more robust knowledge base around how youth volunteers can be used to deliver this evidence-based pedagogical approach. Learn more about other TaRL initiatives around the world by visiting this website.

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