Over the last few decades, access to basic education has improved dramatically across the world. Unfortunately, the quality of basic education hasn’t improved in tandem. While more children are in class, they seem to be getting little out of it. In India, for example, despite a peak enrollment rate of 96%, only 47% of children in Grade 5 can read a Grade 2 level text, and less than 30% can do basic arithmetic. In Ghana, less than 10% of children in Grade 3 can read four-letter words, only 6% can read a basic paragraph, and only 20% can identify three-digit numbers, despite a 91% enrollment rate. In Kenya, enrollment increased by nearly 70% between 1999 and 2015 to 86%, but only 11% of children in Grade 3 can read and understand English (one of two official languages), and only 3.6% can solve an arithmetic problem.