Global Leadership Team

Kanika Bahl, Chief Executive Officer

John de Wet, Chief Financial Officer

Anne Healy, Chief Innovation Officer

Grace Hollister, Chief Engagement Officer & Global Deworming Lead

Priya Jha, Country Director, India

Paul Byatta, Regional Director, Africa

Deworm the World Initiative 

Suzy Campbell, Senior Technical Manager

Ima Chima, Lead Representative, Nigeria

Kate McCracken, Senior Manager

Katherine Williams, Senior Manager, Africa Region

Paul Monaghan, Program Manager, Asia


Evidence Action Beta 

Karen Levy, Director, Global Innovation and Beta

Samantha Bastian, Deputy Director, Beta

Mike Dalious, Beta Program Director 

Karim Naguib, Staff Economist


U.S. Office 

Wallace Daniels, Associate Director, Human Resources

Arjun Pant, Chief of Staff



Dispensers for Safe Water

Moses Baraza, Program Lead, Kenya

Richard Kibuuka, Program Lead, Uganda



Neeraj Mishra, Associate Director, Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation

Deepak Yadav, Associate Director of Programs  



Evans Ithiria, Regional Director, Finance and Administration

Philip Kahuho, Senior Manager, MLIS, Africa Region

Loice Ochweri, Human Resources Manager, Africa Region