Our Results At A Glance 


  • In 2016, the Deworm the World Initiative supported governments to treat more than 196 million children in India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Nigeria.
  • We support India’s National Deworming Day, which targets all children ages 1-19 at schools and preschools; in 2017 the program treated more than 260 million children.
  • With our technical assistance, Kenya's National School-Based Deworming Programme has consistently treated over 6 million children per year since 2012, dramatically reducing STH and schistosomiasis infection.
  • Since 2014, GiveWell has named the Deworm the World Initiative one of its top-rated charities


In November 2016, GiveWell named the Deworm the World Initiative at Evidence Action one of its top-rated charities for the fourth year in a row, recommending us for its "excellent cost-effectiveness" and stating that “of the deworming charities we have evaluated, [Deworm the World] has the strongest track record of demonstrating that its programs are effective.”


Children Treated (Millions)

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What's Next

The Deworm the World Initiative has ambitious plans to help eliminate the public health problem of parasitic worms in the coming years. Alongside evolving our technical assistance to existing government partners to  meet their needs, we are leveraging opportunities to accelerate treatment coverage for at-risk children, with a focus on high-need countries like Pakistan and Nigeria.

 We will:

  • Decrease the worm burden by expanding high-quality school-based deworming into new geographies

  • Build sustained government capacity to operate consistent, cost-effective, and high-quality school-based deworming programs

  • With partners, drive further progress towards achievement of the WHO target of STH treatment for 75% of at-risk children by 2020