This month, the Evidence Action Board of Directors, including our two new members, Kanika and Sam, will be giving final approval to our annual goals. We are excited to share these with you and look forward to letting you know about our progress.

The board also spent time reflecting on our progress in 2014. This is useful context for assessing where we are going in 2015.

How did we do in 2014?


Goal 1:  Dispensers for Safe Water has robust growth, with falling unit costs and increasing financial sustainability.

For this goal, we gave ourselves an overall grade of YELLOW on a standard traffic light dashboard. We met goals around unit costs of service delivery and expansion, but fell short on targets for higher overall adoption rates. We are making some changes to our monitoring program and communications programs in 2015 to address this.


Goal 2: Deworm the World shows take-off growth with data driven decision making.

For this goal, we gave ourselves a GREEN light. We developed and released a new model for calculating the cost of service delivery, made plans for investing in understanding the benefits of integrated hygiene education and deworming, and began a collaboration with the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to assess the potential for breaking transmission of worms. While we missed our service delivery targets, this was for a good reason—National Deworming Day in India was scheduled for February 2015, and more than made up for these delays with 140 million children targeted for deworming.


Goal 3: Evidence Action organizational development quickens, our organizational independence is complete and our profile is raised.

Progress on this goal had some red lights and some green lights for different metrics. We did not expand the content on our web site as much as we wanted; we were hoping for more real time monitoring data to be available. We did not fully complete some financial transactions with our parent organization, Innovations for Poverty Action, that we had hoped to cross off. On the other hand, we made good progress on our fundraising goals with individual donors, and expanded our board of directors.


Goal 4: Evidence Action growth begins expansion beyond legacy, seizing advantages in funding environment.

We gave ourselves a GREEN light on this goal. We have new funding partners for Deworm the World and Dispensers for Safe Water, and have made exciting progress on Evidence Action Beta, as we have blogged about before.


Goal 5: Evidence Action culture encourages people to bring their whole selves to work and develops talent.

Last but not least, our goal for Evidence Action is that it is a great place to work. We did some important work about defining what we want our culture to be at Evidence Action in 2014. We are now going to work on making sure this resonates in all our offices, not just in Washington. We also made some great new hires (with more on that coming in the next month!). We need to make more progress with our compensation philosophy in 2015; this is always challenging for international organizations.

What is on deck for 2015?


Goal 1: Dispensers for Safe Water shows financial sustainability and develops new partnerships.

With Dispensers for Safe Water we hope to provide seven million people with access to sustainable water services in 2015. We will also be investing heavily in partnership development and aspects of our work that make adoption of chlorine dispensers by others easier. To that end, we will be developing an intellectual property policy that facilitates global access, for instance.


Goal 2: Deworm the World consolidates growth and expands to new geographies.

The Deworm the World Initiative will provide support to governments in at least five countries in 2015, and treat over 140 million kids. We are aiming to keep cost per child treated below $0.50 and reach 80% coverage in the regions we work. We will also invest to be able to expand ever further in 2016, building up our team and our capacity more quickly and deliberately than we did last year.


Goal 3: Evidence Action organizational development consolidates.

We have big goals for the financial systems at Evidence Action in 2015. We will no longer rely on IPA for any support in this area, and will dramatically expand the capacity of our India team to track costs and plan for contingencies. We will invest to allow for all teams to use the same tools as much as possible, rather than having boutique solutions in each region.


Goal 4: Evidence Action Beta institutionalized.

The Board will review and approve a revised strategic plan for Evidence Action Beta, and we will work to take at least two Beta ideas to a new stage of incubation. 


Goal 5: Evidence Action’s culture encourages people to bring their whole selves to work and develops our talent.

A big theme for this year at Evidence Action is creating a culture of Trust. We are all reading the “Thin Book of Trust” and talking about how to practice ways of doing business that are trust creating that this book highlights. We’ve had some interesting conversations so far!

Watch this space to keep up to date on our progress with these goals, and thank you for being supporters and fans of Evidence Action! 

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