It is annual giving season. We are big proponents of effective and smart giving, and so are thrilled to be again on the GiveWell recommended charity list for the third year running for our Deworm the World Initiative. It is a great honor and we would love your support to grow Deworm the World programs in other, high-parasitic burden countries. 

GiveWell is dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of their analysis to help donors decide where to give.

Unlike charity evaluators that focus solely on financials, assessing administrative, or fundraising costs, GiveWell conducts in-depth research aiming to determine how much good a given program accomplishes (in terms of lives saved, lives improved, etc.) per dollar spent. GiveWell focuses on very few charities, so we are especially pleased to be in such effective company. GiveWell also puts our programs and people through the wringer – always a good if sometimes painful exercise for organizational accountability and transparency. 

Here is, in part, what GiveWell says about Deworm the World:

“In 2015, Deworm the World continued to support the scale-up and monitoring of deworming programs in India and Kenya. One of its notable activities this year was providing technical assistance to the Indian national government in support of India’s first national deworming day: a program in which the government provided assistance to Indian states to implement school-based deworming on a single day to encourage more states to implement the program. The first national deworming day took place in February 2015, and 12 states participated in the program.

The quality of the monitoring that we saw from Deworm the World improved in 2015. Deworm the World continued to hire and train third-party monitors to directly observe deworming activities, and it slightly improved its estimates of how many children were treated. This information strongly suggests that the programs are generally operating as intended.”

We hope that you give this holiday season not just with your heart but with you head as well.  We believe strongly that you, our donors, should have a solid understanding and analysis of where your charitable giving will have the most impact. If you chose to support us, you can do so here.

We look forward to 2016 with more evidence on what works in development – and doing it effectively for millions. Thank you! 


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