Who We Are

Evidence Action was founded in 2013 to address a big gap in the way we face global problems–many of the most promising interventions are either implemented at a very small scale, or not at all. We set out to address this gap by building programs that would scale evidence-based and cost-effective interventions, in the hopes of building a world where hundreds of millions of people have better opportunities and their lives are measurably improved.

In less than a decade, our two flagship programs, the Deworm the World Initiative and Dispensers for Safe Water have grown to measurably impact over 280 million people each year, and our Accelerator is hard at work identifying the next generation of interventions that we can scale to reach millions more.

“Evidence Action is a model of non-profit transparency. The organization makes its documents publicly available and publishes its reports and data. Notably, when programs prove to not be effective, Evidence Action recognizes and shares outcomes, and alters its programs accordingly” – The Life You Can Save

What We Do

Deworm the World Initiative helps national partners launch, scale, and sustain school-based deworming programs, reaching more than 280 million children annually. Rigorous research shows that deworming leads to significant improvements to children’s health, education, and long-term wellbeing.

Dispensers for Safe Water delivers free and reliable safe water access to nearly 4 million people living in rural Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi. Our cost-effective solution reduces the incidence of diarrhea-causing diseases, one of the primary causes of childhood mortality. 

Evidence Action Accelerator is our engine for new program development that selects, optimizes, and scales interventions with the highest potential to measurably improve the lives of millions of people. Interventions are rigorously tested – we only scale those proven to generate cost-effective impact. 

What Drives Us


Every part of our work across the lifecycle of our programs is driven by evidence. This starts with the interventions we select to invest in, and continues as we use real-time data to refine and adapt our operations, including responding rapidly and effectively to resolve challenges as they arise.


Our pursuit of cost-effectiveness is driven by a recognition that when we optimize every aspect of our programs, we can reach as many people–and do as much good–as possible with every dollar received from our donors. This ensures that even small amounts are having a measurable impact in the lives of individuals. 


Scale enables our massive impact. We invest in solutions for which the need is great, and leverage existing networks like schools or community networks to grow rapidly, minimize costs, and increase efficiencies. We think big and act urgently because poverty does not wait.

Evidence Action has been recognized by several charity evaluators

Charity Navigator gives Evidence Action a perfect Encompass Score of 100/100 in all its rated categories: Impact and Results, and Finance and Accountability.
The Life You Can Save, founded by leading moral philosopher Peter Singer, features Evidence Action on its list of 21 best charities in the world.
GiveWell has rated our Deworm the World Initiative as a ‘top charity’ every year since 2013, and also recognizes our Dispensers for Safe Water as a ‘standout charity’.
Giving Multiplier, a project developed by researchers at Harvard University, recommends Evidence Action as a super-effective charity.