UPDATE: We made the match! Thanks to your support, we doubled all of the donations you made in December during the holiday giving period for the matching campaign. We very much appreciate your support of evidence-based development solutions! Thank you!


Hello from Evidence Action! I am Alix Zwane, Evidence Actions Director, and I have exciting news. Your donation this holiday season will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor (up to $120,000). This means your gift will be doubled. Please give today!

And even better, 100% of your contribution will go to Evidence Action’s programs as our donor is covering administrative expenses.

As you know as an Evidence Action supporter, we scale rigorously evaluated solutions to hard development problems. We only implement what has been proven to work. And we do it extremely cost-effectively:

  • With Dispensers for Safe Water it costs just 50 cents at scale for an individual to have safe drinking water for an entire year.

  • The Deworm the World Initiative combats intestinal parasites in children through school-based deworming for just 35 cents a child per year, so that children grow up healthier and ready to learn.

We are now serving more than 2.5 million people in Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi with safe water. And we have dewormed more than 37 million children in Kenya and India with our government partners in the last year alone.  In 2015, we are growing our programs aggressively to reach many more communities.

So, please double the cost effectiveness of your generosity, and support evidence-based solution for millions. Give today. Thank you! 


P.S.  If you missed it, here is what others say: Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative was just named a Give Well top-charity and The Life You Can Save calls Evidence Action one of the “best charities for 2015” in its new recommended charity list. Nick Kristoff in the New York Times highlights Evidence Action on his annual holiday list “Gifts That Inspire” for “spending money in the most cost-effective ways.” Please double your donation today! 





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