Evidence Action is pleased to be named a top charity again in 2014 for its Deworm the World Initiative by GiveWell, a charity evaluator. Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative initially made GiveWell’s selective top charity list in 2013.

The Deworm the World Initiative assists governments with large-scale school-based deworming programs. In 2013/2014, the Deworm the World Initiative helped treat more than 37 million children against intestinal worms in Kenya and India.

Intestinal worms have adverse effects on children’s health and education. Yet, many countries needing treatment for intestinal worms do not have effective programs in place. Taking advantage of existing infrastructure, school-based deworming of all children in affected areas is very safe, scaleable, and highly cost-effective.

In 2015, the Deworm the World Initiative will be aggressively expanding its technical assistance to additional countries with high worm prevalence such as Vietnam and Ethiopia with the goal of eliminating the public health threat of intestinal worms.

Among other things, GiveWell noted Evidence Action’s “focus on a program with a strong track record and excellent cost-effectiveness” and our “standout transparency – the Deworm the World Initiative has shared significant, detailed information about its programs.” 

Your can read GiveWell’s thorough review and recommendation here.

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