We are very proud and grateful for the recent grant of $10.8 million to our Deworm the World Initiative from Good Ventures.

Good Ventures supported GiveWell’s “top charities” for the 2015 giving season, and we are honored to be part of this exemplary group of organizations.

Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative supports national school-based deworming programs in Kenya, India, and Ethiopia. These programs provide regular deworming treatments to school-age children at risk in highly endemic countries.

Good Ventures noted on its blog,

“These charities deliver cost-effective, evidence-backed and scalable interventions, and we think they represent some of the best giving opportunities in the world…..We believe the good we do by giving today will compound over time, by helping to put extremely low-income people in a better position to help themselves, their families, and their communities in the future. We’re also proud to support outstanding organizations that serve as a model for how to serve others effectively and transparently.”

We are so appreciative of this tremendous show of support for our deworming work from Good Ventures. We are planning to use these funds to further scale treatment of at-risk children in additional high-burden countries in 2016 and will report throughout the year on our progress.

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